We design from the mindset that you don't need a lot of jewelry to create a lot of options.  Just the right pieces that work for all your on and off-duty moments. Buy fewer; buy better. Enjoy them today.  Love them tonight.

We are not interested in being all things to all people, but rather believe in picking a lane and staying in it.

We embrace the perfectly imperfect aspects of our designs – a true indication of hand work, and a reminder that human hands give objects soul. Our gemstones are cut by hand, and our South Sea pearls embrace the natural imperfections that make each pearl truly one-of-a-kind.

Our award-winning jewelry showcases innovative treatments to the metal. We use 950 silver—a metal higher in purity than sterling, which can only be used for handmade pieces because it is more tender and therefore difficult to manipulate. It demands the excellence of highly trained artisans. 

Although we may create a limited number of pieces in any given design, each piece is unique and therefore one-of-a-kind, which we celebrate.