Everyone is a
You just may not know it, yet!

 Let me be clear- my approach to college essay writing is not the norm.  I am NOT good at grammar and punctuation, so you’ll have to rely on someone else for that.  What I am good at is using my natural gift of kindness to empower teenage girls. Through my E.S.S.A.Y. process we will create your unique story in an honest way.  This will be an empowering process.  It will give you the foundation you need for everyday life and for writing your college essay.  It won’t be easy- believe me, I still work on it daily, but trust me, it will be well worth the effort, and I will be by your side every step of the way!

As women and young ladies, we often spend our time trying to measure up to what others tell us about who we should be and how we should be instead of focusing on the unique gifts that we already possess.  Every one of us showed up in this world AS WE ARE- each unique in our own special ways.  Instead of wasting time trying to be who and what you ARE NOT, let’s spend our time together identifying what makes you unique and special and expand upon these natural gifts.  YOU are already a shining star- you just may not know it, yet!

Little did I know my natural gifts of creativity and intelligence would lead me to creating my own successful jewelry brand and teaching at a college level.  Little did I know that my height, which I hated as a teenager, would lead me to an opportunity to model professionally. 

Where will your natural gifts lead you?  Perhaps you already know who you are at your soul (core) level and what your natural gifts are.  If you do, fantastic!  We will expand upon this with laser focus.  If you haven’t gotten this far yet, we’ll discover it together.

I work with my clients face-to-face and currently service the Chicago Northshore area only.  We can meet in your home or in an approved social setting.  For a free 20-minute consultation to become better acquainted, please email me at tm@traceymayer.com to schedule.  I cannot wait to speak with you!

My best, and always looking forward,

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