Inspired by the undeniable centuries-old artisan techniques in south Asia, Tracey and her team believe human hands give objects soul.  Known for her cutting-edge techniques and innovative metal refinement, Tracey works with 950 silver—a metal higher in purity than sterling, which can only be used for handmade, weightier pieces because it is more tender and therefore difficult to manipulate. It demands the excellence of highly trained artisans, as a slight mistake is much more visible. 18k gold is strategically used for added dimension. 

Tracey Mayer jewelry is never mass produced. Many pieces are limited-edition and one-of-a-kind designs- inspired by Tracey's love for travel. Committed to sustainability, metal is recycled when possible, and items with antiquity value are sought after and reused.  

We are moving in a new direction and cannot wait to share our new look with you!  Please check back often or email us below for more immediate inquiries. 

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